[Rant] Still Not Wanting BAP to Win


I am very sorry my fellow babyz but I’m still not ready for B.A.P to win. Why? I still want to see them undergo what other idols have gone. Being recognized by others specially those who are not their fans.

Also where is my girl group dance? And the parody? The variety show?

I’ll wait till I get them or me being wrong.

Also, I think spamming the view count by babyz only is wrong. Where is the auhentic count of view?

TBH the songs in their album are all good. Some are my fave now. But what non kpop or nonbabyz think about them? Do they not count?

But I can’t deny how amazing this video is from Music Bank. The transition is quite nice!

They won
#BAP1stWin 14.02.12
#BAP2ndWin 14.02.14
#BAP3rdWin 14.02.16

Kpop Confession

In my evil heart…

I want VIXX to win in the music award first before BAP sunbae. BlockB got their win when they released their album. It’s time for VIXX!


UPDATE: Dec. 6, 2013

VIXX won at Music Bank

[EVENT] Find the Hidden Matoki Event


I don’t know if this will provide positive result but for the boys let’s do this!!!

In light with the concert of B.A.P in Seoul this coming August 17-18, 2013 at Olympic Hall, Interpark, B.A.P posted an event in their facebook page. The following are an excerpt of the event.

Find the Hidden Matoki Event★

Find all hidden Matokis from the picture of B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH tour! The winners will get a gift from B.A.P. Please check out more information regarding the event below;

[How to participate in ‘Find the Hidden Matoki Event’ of B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL WANTED]

1) Bring your friend that you want to participate in this event with by tagging. (If you tag your friend, he/she gets notification)
2) Promote and share the event on your own SNS page. (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Bestiz, Instiz, telzone, etc.)
3) Email the image with the circled answer and the screen shot/URL of your promotion page to bapconcert@naver.com.

* The more you share with your friends and the number of Like and Hits on the page of your promotion, the more chances you will get to win this event.

* Prize for a winner
-Autographed posters (10ea), autographed merchandise (2ea) by B.A.P members.

To all Babyz of the world hope you could participate in this event, not just for the prizes but for the boys.

B.A.P fighting!!!!

[CAPS] The Romantic and Idol ep8 (SeungAh x JB couple)


When episode 5 of Romantic and Idol came and shows clips where SeungAh is crying because JB is too much engross with Jei, I started not being interested in watching the raw videos and wait for the subs. I don’t want to see her emotionally involved, but I know it can’t be help. However I can’t stop myself because of some JiHyungSik’s moments. These destined couple is so much like SeungAh and JB couple with little twist. Since I am watching JiHyungSik moment I can’t escape watching SeungAh and JB’s.

And now that I saw the season 2 of The Romantic and Idol, I am now ready to watch the raw video of episode 8 (which is also in the same time as season 2 episode 1). Why? I didn’t seem to see news about the tragedy, meaning there is something happy about the last episode for the first season of the show.

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