[INFO] L is now in a kpop group

<——- This is L of DeathNote. I LOVE Deathnote! And I love L. But that is not the L I am talking about. Because he no longer the sole person *cough*character*cough* who owns the name. There is a kpop group named Infinite that has a member called “L” or “El.”

I was curious about this group just because someone is called “L.” Are you serous? L??? They spell it as “El” and to make it interesting they just use “L.” OMG! That’s my favorite name in anime world.

Un/fortunely, L in Infinite is a serious guy. Wow! Coincident? NAH! I think this is just a concept. Just like any kpop idol group. Someone should play a part, and L of Infinite is the serious and mysterious one.

When I first saw their debut stage I was mesmerize by their performance. PERFECT!!!! Or maybe I’m just bias. I don’t want to get close to them just yet. I know they WOULD make a great kpop group, no doubt about that especially that they are handled by the group Epik High. I’ll just pray for their success. They just need to work hard.

vid from official YT channel of Infinite/Wolliment

Also, this group remind me of 2PM because of their hair. A clean cut hair style is manly, specially those guys at the front of the picture. It was a pic taken from their show “You’re my Oppa.” And look at their dorm. There is only one room. 7 people in one room. Argg!! Life in Korea sure is tough.

Find where is L.

Check L here at Ep 3 of You’re my Oppa asking a very serious question. Hyung is teaching them sex education. And I am surprise he is not laughing in this one. ARE YOU REALLY THAT SERIOUS?


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